>Sneakas x Bishop Lamont | Neighborhood Watch

Sneakas in the studio with Bishop Lamont in 2012. (Photo By Kizwani)

Sadly, racism is still ever-present as it once was during the days of Rosa Parks. In recent news this topic of Racism has been seeing a ton of media attention from Bill Maher covering a show on “New Racism”, CNN airing a special “Kids On Race” and Don Lemon telling Twitter “Stop Calling Me Racist”. Intolerance is still here! There’s no way to ignore the death of Trayvon Martin, a 17 year old African American who was shot to death by George Zimmerman (Neighborhood Watch), by what appears to be another act of racism.

Recognizing the injustice on how the Zimmerman case has been handled thus far, NYC rapper & actor Yoni “Sneakas” Ben-Yehuda, took to the mic to voice his opinion with heavy hitter rapper Bishop Lamont (Diocese Entertainment). The collaboration between the two has resulted in the first single ‘Neighborhood Watch’ off Sneakas’ debut album. The track is a breath taking response to today’s inequality, which hopefully lend it’s hand toward change.

This positive art project with Sneakas and Bishop Lamont is donating to the Travyon Martin Fund and bringing awareness to a serious issue! Please visit the complex website to take part in the movement.


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>Johnny Polygon | My Shit >

“My Shit,” is the brand-new track from rapper Johnny Polygon. The killer baseline & catchy hook made it’s way to my 2012 St. Patty’s Day Playlist. Check out the teaser video, as Polygon cruises down the Blvd on his BMX bike, with a new haircut, and let’s not forget the eye-candy white chick backin’ it up at the Liquor Store. Make sure to download the full length track off his upcoming project “Pussy Gun” via facebook.

facebook | twitter

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>Kony | 2012

KONY 2012 is a film and campaign by Invisible Children that aims to make Joseph Kony famous, not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest and set a precedent for international justice.

This project is truly remarkable!! Do your part and watch as history unfolds before our eyes!!

Be sure to sign the petition here.

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>The Anecdote | Dave NY

Dialect Project presents ‘The Anecdote’ – A fresh docu-series capturing the extraordinary lives of industry icons, told first-hand from those behind the scenes.

Shout out to QUESTLOVE for the co-sign via twitter of the first installment!!

Executive Producers – Andrew Kligier & Jordan Kizwani
Directed By – Ryan Palmieri
Special Thanks to – Bobby Nakano

Dave NY’s – “I got a story to tell” compilation album dropping May 6th!

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>Music Magic W/ Jeezy, Quik, and Warren G

Although it’s a huge weekend for Sports & Films with the NBA All-star game taking place tonight and the Oscars tomorrow night, I decided to leave you this cool short-video from CTE Films. Watch CTE’s very own Young Jeezy collaborate with two West Coast icon’s: DJ Quik & Warren G.


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>Yonas Michael | Punks Music Video

Yonas Michael — an outstanding artist out of Seattle, WA releases his latest music video ‘PUNKS’ featuring Brooker T, off his Free Mixtape “LOST IN HOLLYWOOD.” The video is awesome! Think of Neverland meets the Outsiders. Not to mention, the track is definitely an easy one to sing-along to.


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>GAMEBOI | Emergency

Don’t be fooled by the cold weather, the Mitten’s got some HOT emcee’s. Most likely because they come out the womb rapping?! Check out the young voice GAMEBOI, at just a mere 15 yrs old, in his first official music video for “Emergency” produced by J57.

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>Ryan Leslie | 5 Minute Freshen Up (In-Studio)

I have yet to master one instrument and this fool playing seven plus? [GOT DAMN in my Pharrell voice]. R Les is an incredible musician and seriously underrated… if you manage to snatch up a Leslie production it’s bound to resonate with the masses [just sayin']. What’s even more remarkable is that despite all his talent he has managed to remain a humble artist. Watch as he reaches out to a fan or two via twitter.

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>Red Hot Chili Peppers | Look Around

Twenty nine years and counting; the Red Hot Chili Peppers are still making GOOD music. What seems like an impossible feat, the RHCPs make look easy. Their latest interactive music video for “Look Around” is evidence that their creativity is far from extinct. Use the arrow keys to virtually explore the four rooms.

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>Blu | jesus∆

When it comes to hip hop you never have to question Blu’s authenticity. His music is full of soul and his modest approach is unncanny. His intelligent wordplay allows him to shine without the bling bling. jesus∆, directed by aaronisnotcool boosts Blu’s image, while showing the parallel between joy & sin. “Hold hands, say a prayer…”

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